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Coveme part of EMSC, European Solar Manufacturing

In mid-2021 Coveme together with other players of the European photovoltaic industry became part of the ESMC: European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC), supported by the European Community.

ESMC represents the interests of the European solar manufacturing industry and all our efforts are dedicated to developing, improving and increasing European photovoltaic production along the entire value chain, improving existing policies and financial structures and developing new ones.

The ESMC has several working groups and we are part of the "recycling group" which aims to develop the manufacturing of eco-sustainable materials for the solar industry.

The European Commission practically invites us to build industrial alliances with the aim of creating Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) that supports the creation of new industries in strategically important and innovative areas.

Why the ESMC was born:

✔️The European photovoltaic (PV) industry suffers from a lack of strategic political priorities.
With a dependence on imports and thus the loss of great economic values, the whole region will benefit from a revival of the European photovoltaic industry.

✔️By vigorously reversing the situation and creating an opportunity for the photovoltaic industry to supply the European market, Europe can regain control of its energy transition and improve its resilience.

✔️ There is now an impetus for Europe not only to ensure a sufficient number of photovoltaic installations as part of the green transformation, but also to create favourable conditions for photovoltaic production to benefit from the added value in Europe. 

Coveme part of EMSC, European Solar Manufacturing